Leanne Criticises Labour for U-turn on Four-Day Old Key Election Pledge - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru Holds to Account Opposition for U-turn on Four-Day Old Election Pledge


Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has expressed her disappointment and anger that Labour AMs failed to back her party’s plans to crack down on zero hours’ contracts.

Labour AMs voted with the Tories against Plaid Cymru’s bid to end compulsory zero hour contracts in the social care sector even though the policy was announced as a key Labour General Election pledge four days earlier.

It is the seventh occasion on which the Labour Party in the National Assembly for Wales has failed to support the Party of Wales’ attempts to outlaw compulsory zero hour contracts in the social care sector.

Speaking after the debate, Rhondda AM Leanne Wood said: “We’re used to Labour letting down the Welsh workforce when it comes to banning zero hours’ contracts – they have plenty of form for it.

“We didn’t however expect them to be so brazen as to do it four days after announcing the policy in their General Election campaign. It beggars belief that they could be so incompetent or believe the public can be duped so easily. Anything Labour say on restricting zero hours’ contracts throughout the General Election campaign will be hollow now.

“Like when the Liberal Democrats performed a U-turn on tuition fees, duplicity in politics is dangerous because it shatters people’s faith in democracy.”

Branwen Cennard, Plaid Cymru’s General Election candidate for the Rhondda, said: “Labour scuppered an opportunity to stand up for carers and give them job security. By failing to back Plaid Cymru on our plans to give carers a better deal, Labour voted with the Tories to keep carers on zero hours contracts.

“It is unforgivable, especially when you consider it was the seventh time Plaid Cymru has asked Labour for support on ending zero hours contracts and they have refused each time.

“I hope people in Rhondda Cynon Taf and beyond bear this in mind in future when they consider who is best placed to defend their rights, defend their communities and defend their country.”

If you agree with Leanne and Branwen on zero hours contracts, please click this link to get involved with Plaid Cymru.

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