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Let’s Bring Ystrad Post Office Back, Says Leanne

Rhondda AM Leanne Wood has encouraged businesses in Ystrad to consider taking on the Post Office franchise in Ystrad after funding was made available.

The Rhondda town has been without a Post Office for more than two years. Local Plaid Cymru councillors Elyn Stephens and Larraine Jones have been involved in efforts to encourage local businesses to host a Post Office service but it has been to no avail.

Following correspondence between the Post Office and the office of Leanne Wood AM, it has now been revealed that the Post Office has made funding available to allow an existing shop to incorporate a Post Office.

A spokesperson for the Post Office added: “We do appreciate how much local customers miss not having a local Post Office.  I would like to reassure you that we remain committed to restore a service to Ystrad as soon as practically possible.”

Ms Wood said: “I hope the offer of new funding will make a difference in persuading a business to consider hosting the Post Office for Ystrad.

“The service has been much missed since it disappeared two years ago. This means local people have to travel further for essential services and this is not always possible; particularly for pensioners.

“The loss of the Post Office is something that was brought up at a recent 50+ Forum in the Rhondda that I participated in. It would be a fantastic boost for the town if the Post Office could be reinstated somehow. I would encourage any business owners interested in this prospect to get in touch to see how the Post Office can help make this happen.”

For more information on the help provided, please email Stuart Taylor, an external relations manager for the Post Office, using this address: [email protected]

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