Team Chosen By Plaid Cymru in the Rhondda to “Defend Our Communities” - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Team Chosen By Plaid Cymru in the Rhondda to “Defend Our Communities”


Plaid Cymru have chosen their candidates to contest elections for the Welsh Parliament and Westminster.

In an event at Treorci Rugby Club, Party of Wales members selected Leanne Wood to defend her Senedd seat and Branwen Cennard to contest the Rhondda seat currently held by Labour in the House of Commons.

Leanne said she was happy to be given the opportunity to build on the achievements of the last three years as Rhondda AM and hopefully contribute to secure a Plaid Cymru Government in 2021.

A General Election is expected within the next few months due to the deadlock in Parliament over Brexit. Branwen’s election campaign will start imminently.

Branwen Cennard said: “I would like to thank Plaid Cymru members in the Rhondda for their support and very much looks forward to working with them to deliver a positive and inspiring campaign.

“The political landscape in which we now live demands that we present our communities with credible alternatives, with honest and sincere leadership and with hope."

Leanne Wood said: “I and the rest of the Plaid Cymru team in the Rhondda have worked hard to represent all of the communities in the Rhondda and to advocate for Rhondda peoples’ interests.

“We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and help to provide solutions to problems we see.

“Our latest project - the food share scheme, which aims to end supermarket food waste, has been a great success - and shows what can be done with limited resources.

“And we want to do more. The work we have done on supporting people with ASD, mental health problems and disabilities, arguing the case for better transport, supporting women who were let down in pregnancy by Cwm Taf health board, taking on the banks and more, is work we want to carry on.

“Plaid Cymru has been there defending our communities and that’s what we want to be given the chance to continue to do.”

If you want to support Leanne and Branwen, please click this link to get involved.

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