Working Class Women Are at Highest Risk of Getting Covid-19 – Leanne - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Working Class Women Are at Highest Risk of Getting Covid-19 – Leanne


Reacting to reports that women of working age are by far the biggest group of people contracting corona virus, Rhondda AM Leanne Wood said: “It is not surprising to learn how much more women are being exposed to Covid-19.

"Whether it is working in hospitals, care homes, child care settings or shops, women are more likely to be coming into contact with more people and the figures on the infection rates seem to reflect that.

“There has been no respite for those in these type of jobs. We also know that women are also more likely to be on the lowest pay grades - they are taking the highest risks for the lowest rewards.

“This is not just a gender issue; it is also a class and a national issue. Working class women are in the highest risk category for being exposed to Covid-19. Welsh rates of infection per 100,000 of the population are the highest of all four nations.

“I have heard from many women who are in these jobs and who are terrified because they do not have the regulation equipment to stay as safe as possible. Their fear is for their own families as well as for those they are working with.”

She added: “I can’t help but wonder how different the response would have been to the Covid-19 outbreak if working class women had been involved in decision making and planning at the highest level – I’m sure there would have been more empathy, compassion and understanding of the risks involved and that we would have seen a recognition of the need to make sure those who can’t avoid coming into contact with others are able stay as safe as possible.”

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