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Pension Justice for Women


Earlier this year I wrote to the UK Chancellor to support the campaign to prevent women from being penalised by the rushed equalisation of the state pension age.

You can read more about Plaid Cymru’s position by clicking this link, but here is a summary of what I said: "We urge the Government to phase in the equalisation of the state pension age over a longer timeframe so that women who are nearing retirement are able to plan better. At the moment the process is too fast and women nearing retirement age who were born on or after 6 April 1951 will suffer undue hardship as a consequence of the rushed equalisation.

"These women cannot go back and live their lives again so deserve better treatment from the Government.

"Overall, Plaid Cymru believes that women and men should be eligible for the state pension at the same age, but that this process needs to be phased in gradually in contrast to the sudden rush as set out by the Government."

This month I received a response from the UK Chancellor to my calls for the state pension changes to be phased in more gradually for women. Unfortunately, as you will see below, the Chancellor is not taking heed of the financial consequences that will fall upon many women in Wales as a result of his Government’s actions.


I know from campaigning in the Rhondda that many women here will be hit hard in the pocket by the pension changes being pushed through by the Tories.

I will carry on supporting the campaign – the fight continues.

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  • Christina Hughes
    commented 2016-04-24 22:53:06 +0100
    I am one of these women born in the 50’s I did not receive a letter in 1995 telling me that my pension age had been increased to 66. When I did find out it left me without any time to plan any financial arrangements .I now have to stay in a stressful and physical job with the nhs which I struggle to do with health issues, working 6 and 7 shifts before days off doubling back from late’s to earlys is taking it’s toll. I am unable to cut my hour’s as can’t afford to. I have worked since I was 15 and expected to receive my pension at 60 where has the money gone that I payed in !!! Totally devestated