Leanne: Wales Needs a Mandate, Not a Majority


Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood has urged people to give Wales a mandate in this election.

She said that with only 40 MPs, Wales will never get a majority in Westminster, but with a strong team of Plaid Cymru MPs the people of Wales will have a mandate to demand that their voices are heard.

She called on people to give Plaid Cymru a mandate to defend Wales.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:

“Wales only has 40 MPs compared with 533 for England. We know that Wales will never have a majority in Westminster, but that doesn’t mean that successive UK Governments should be allowed to ignore our nation.

“Wales needs a mandate, not a majority.

“By electing a strong team of Plaid Cymru MPs, we can demand a mandate to put Wales on the political agenda.

“Scotland has shown that it can be heard when it makes its presence felt at Westminster, we can do the same for Wales.

“We know that the prospect of a bolstered Conservative government in Westminster is a threat to Wales.

"We need to give Plaid Cymru a mandate to defend Wales.”

If you agree with Leanne, please click this link.

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