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Leanne Wood: Time for Wales to Chart its Own Course


Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has today warned that the UK faces a decade or more of decline under Tory rule in Westminster due to the chaos engulfing the Labour Party rendering them consigned to infighting for the foreseeable future.

Leanne Wood said that with Labour failing in government in Wales and failing in opposition in Westminster, only Plaid Cymru was making the strong case for our nation to chart its own course with an empowered National Assembly.

Party of Wales Leader Leanne Wood said:

"The chaos and infighting engulfing the Labour Party as well as the proposed boundary changes mean that the party is unlikely to win a Westminster election for at least a decade, possibly even longer.

"This leaves us facing the prospect of a Tory UK Government‎ in London, that Wales has not voted for, doing its worst for the people in this country.

"It is not often I agree with the MP for Pontypridd, but when he said that a victory for Jeremy Corbyn would condemn the UK to a decade of Tory cuts, it is difficult to see how he is wrong.

"The only alternative to this now is a much a stronger devolution settlement for Wales and greater self-rule.

"Labour have shown that they are unable to govern in Wales - just look at their poor outcomes after seventeen years of leading the Government - and this leadership contest has demonstrated how they are unable to act as a united and strong opposition in Westminster.

"The case for our nation to be empowered with the tools that will allow people here to have a greater say on matters which affect their daily lives has never been stronger.

"On issues of great importance like justice and welfare, Wales continues to be at the mercy of the Tories in Westminster who have little understanding or concern when it comes to how their decisions impact our country and its people.

"The time has come for Wales to chart its own course. Plaid Cymru is the only party making the case for strengthening our National Assembly so that decisions are taken closer to those individuals and communities they affect.

"The choice facing people in Wales is clear - a decade of decline under Tory Westminster rule, or greater self rule that will allow our country to prosper."

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