Community Network To Help People During Virus Outbreak Registers Hundreds of Volunteers in First Few Days - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Community Network To Help People During Virus Outbreak Registers Hundreds of Volunteers in First Few Days


The Rhondda Assembly Member has established a community network to look after people during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Leanne Wood AM set the group up after the idea to establish a group to look after the elderly, isolated and vulnerable during the Covid-19 crisis had a positive response on social media. Over the weekend, more than 2,500 people registered with a dedicated Facebook page and hundreds of people volunteered to look after people in need in their community.

Leanne said the response has been “amazing” and “ringing endorsement of the Rhondda’s community spirit.”

“Many people are worried about what the future holds in terms of the Coronavirus outbreak,” said Leanne. “There is much anxiety about how it will impact upon our communities. The idea of establishing a network was a positive response to the feeling of concern that many have.

“We know the effects that the virus has had in countries like China and Italy. We also know that our public services have been cut and have little capacity and my concern would be that they are therefore ill-equipped to deal with the crisis this could become.

“It made sense to me to harness the community spirit that we saw the Rhondda recently in the aftermath of the floods to plug some of the gaps. We know a lot of people already have neighbours and family members keeping an eye out for them but not everyone is covered and so it makes sense for us to get organised now.”

Leanne added: “The response has been amazing. So many people have come forward. It is yet another ringing endorsement of the Rhondda’s community spirit.

“We see the best of people in our communities when times are tough. We are now seeing that same compassion and dedication to helping others in the response to the Coronavirus outbreak. It is humbling and heart-warming in equal measure.”

If anyone would like to register to be a volunteer, they can click this link to Leanne’s webpage. The Facebook page can be accessed through this link.

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