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Valleys Deserve A Well-Resourced Economic Regeneration Plan – Leanne


The MS for the Rhondda has said former mining communities need a substantial and well-resourced plan to overturn years of under investment and neglect.

Leanne Wood responded to the publication of a “Citizens Jury” report as well as the final report of the Valleys Taskforce which identified a number of shortcomings in the work of the Valleys Taskforce which was established in 2016 by the current Labour Government.

Leanne welcomed the citizen jury’s findings in the light of a disappointing final report from the Valleys Taskforce, which highlighted a series of stakeholder interviews and included responses saying that the taskforce ‘lacked the resources’ and had a ‘limited impact.’   

During Business Questions in the Senedd this week, Leanne asked: “Have lessons been learned from this experience? The Rhondda has been let down by successive governments in London and in Cardiff for decades now.

“Doesn't this show that the only way that the Rhondda will get the economic development that the people there deserve is with a Plaid Cymru Government? Do you accept that now?”

Afterwards, Leanne added: “The Rhondda and similar communities need a well-thought out and resourced plan that has clear objectives. I welcome the work of The South Wales Valleys Climate and Fairness Panel of the Environmental Justice Commission, which has made thirty recommendations to tackle climate change, restore nature and produce a fair economy settlement for people in the former coalfield area. 

“Their report not only chimes with Plaid Cymru’s thinking on the green regeneration of our communities, but it has substance and the recommendations are likely to lead to real and lasting change – contrasting with the various schemes and projects which have not brought about the transformation we need to see.

“After decades of underinvestment and economic neglect, we now need good, green, connected economic development initiatives and most importantly - finance. 

“Plaid Cymru will soon be unveiling our plans for the Rhondda to recover from Covid. Rhondda people who are interested in hearing more can join us for a meeting with Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price on Monday 29th March at 7pm on Zoom.”

Follow this link to register for the event:

If you want to help Leanne get elected in this year’s elections for the Senedd, please click this link.

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