Plaid to Force Assembly Vote to Seek Majority for Membership of the Customs Union


Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has today announced that her party will use a vote in the National Assembly for Wales on Wednesday to seek a majority for remaining in the existing EU customs union.

Leanne Wood said that evidence was "piling up" in favour of a Brexit deal which strays as little as possible from the status quo, and that all parties in Wales should unite on the matter in the interests of the Welsh economy.

Her call comes as speculation mounts over Labour's position on continued membership of the customs union which has so far been wholly unclear.

Leanne Wood AM said: "Evidence is piling up that Wales's economy could be hit hard by an extreme Brexit in which the UK would have to operate under stringent World Trade Organisation rules.

"We know that the Tories are willing to sacrifice jobs and the Welsh economy but we still don’t know what Labour's position is. There is an important distinction between "the customs union" and "a customs union.

"Plaid Cymru favours the former as it would offer maximum protection for the Welsh economy. “A” customs union would see us losing out on vital third party trade deals.

"That is why we are reiterating our calls for Wales to show unity in favour of remaining in the existing EU customs union.  

"On Wednesday Plaid Cymru will lead a debate in the Senedd to put this case to the vote. It's vital that Wales's hand is strengthened in any Brexit negotiations - we cannot do this without more leverage.

"We urge AMs from all parties to join us in making the case for protecting key sectors and exports by supporting continued membership of the customs union. This will be an opportunity for them to show their commitment to the future of the Welsh economy.

"The more Wales speaks with one voice on this matter, the more likely Westminster is to listen."


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