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Bring Rhondda Tunnel Project A Step Closer to Reality, Says Leanne


The Rhondda AM has called upon the Welsh Government to take ownership of a key landmark that is earmarked for redevelopment.

Leanne Wood said it was imperative that the Rhondda Tunnel was put under Welsh control to allow efforts to transform it into the second largest tunnel cycle track to come to fruition.

The Rhondda Tunnel Society, which Leanne is a member of, have ambitious plans to create an enclosed and illuminated route linking the Rhondda and Afan valleys.

So far the tunnel society members have been frustrated in their attempts to get the Welsh Government to apply for control over the asset which is currently owned by Highways England.

During questions to Mark Drakeford AM, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Leanne pressed for the Welsh Government to take responsibility for the Rhondda Tunnel to bring the project a step closer to realisation.

She said: “I've got a vision of a fully accessible cycle track covering the whole of my constituency.

“At the moment, it's patchy, to say the least. And the vision includes linking up the Rhondda tunnel with the neighbouring valley, Blaengwynfi.

“Now, I'm soon to be meeting various interested parties from a cycling perspective to see what can be done to turn this vision into a reality. Minister, are you on board?

“Will you agree to progress this question of ownership of the Rhondda tunnel as a matter of urgency, and would you, in principle, be prepared to work with us in the Rhondda on turning this cycling vision into a reality?”

In reply, Mr Drakeford said: “The future of the tunnel has featured in the last two years' worth of discussions that I conducted with Plaid Cymru around the budget.

“I hope that we will have a chance to have a further round of those discussions alongside the current budget-making process, and I'm very happy to meet the Member, if that would be the right way to do it, to share the information that we have as a result of what we've agreed so far, and to hear of other possibilities that she thinks we ought to be aware of.”

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