“Loyal and Dedicated Servant” from the Rhondda Commended by the Party of Wales - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

“Loyal and Dedicated Servant” from the Rhondda Commended by the Party of Wales


A Plaid Cymru councillor from the Rhondda has been given a special contribution award by his party after decades of dedication.

Councillor Cennard Davies, who represents the Treorci ward, was presented with the award on stage at the Plaid Cymru spring conference by party leader and Rhondda AM, Leanne Wood.

Cennard became a councillor in 1999 for the Treorci ward but his involvement with the party goes back much further. In 1967, he was the agent for Plaid Cymru candidate Vic Davies in the Rhondda West by-election.

Although Labour retained the seat, they were rocked to their core by a 31% swing of their vote to Plaid Cymru.

During her tribute to Cennard, who is standing down as a councillor this May, Leanne said he was a “loyal and dedicated servant; not just to Plaid Cymru but also to the nation.”

She said: “Cennard was instrumental in shifting what was a once rock-solid Labour seat into a Plaid Cymru heartland. Through hard work, dedication and the immense respect he attracted from local residents, Cennard has been a magnificent ambassador for the party.”

Leanne also hailed Cennard’s contribution to the Welsh language as a respected teacher, academic and author on the subject. She said his influence was underlined during a recent meeting of the Welsh society in Treorci which was attended by an Argentinian who had become fluent in Welsh.

“He learned Welsh in his native country through a linguaphone course which was created by, you’ve guessed it, Cennard” added Leanne.

After being presented with his award, Cennard said: “The best thing I have seen is the progress that Plaid Cymru has made in the Rhondda. We have gone from nothing to holding the seat and we have young people coming through in the party, like our new Treorci candidate Alison Chapman, who have been absolutely fantastic.”

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