Leanne Laments Labour Government’s Failure to Encourage Cycling to Work - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Leanne Laments Labour Government’s Failure to Encourage Cycling to Work


The AM for the Rhondda has criticised the Labour Government in Wales for a lack of leadership and ambition in getting more people to cycle to work.

Leanne’s comments came after a damning report was published on the effectiveness of the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Act which became law in 2013. The report, which was published by a committee of Assembly Members, found that the number of people walking and cycling to work has not increased in the five years since the law came in effect.

In fact, fewer children are going to school by foot or bike than they were in 2013.

“This report is disappointing but it will not come as any surprise to the people of the Rhondda,” said Leanne Wood AM. “We have hardly any cycle track here and some of the roads are so busy they put many cyclists – myself included – are put off from ditching the car in favour of two wheels. It is such a shame because we have all the natural ingredients with our mountains and scenery to be a go-to cycling destination but the investment and ambition has not been forthcoming.

“The Labour Government in Wales has not shown any kind of leadership on this Bill from day 1 and the results – or lack of - are plain for all to see.

“There are some exciting developments happening on the cycling front in the Rhondda and beyond but this is mainly down to the passion and determination of individuals and groups such as the Bicycle Doctor shop and cycling club who are achieving great results at their Barry Sidings attraction without any kind of financial support.”

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