“You Utter Idiots” – Leanne’s Message to Mountain Arsonists


The Rhondda AM has called for “tough action” to be taken against anyone caught setting grass fires during the corona virus outbreak.

Leanne Wood AM was reacting to the news over the weekend that crews of fire fighters had been dispatched to a number of mountain locations in the Rhondda to deal with arson. In a message to the perpetrators, Leanne said: “You are acting against yourselves and your own community, you utter idiots.”

“I am absolutely appalled to see photos of various places throughout the Rhondda with mountain fires over the weekend,” she said. “There is something seriously wrong with people who would put life in danger in this way. How are these people even out? If you get caught, you deserve to face tough penalties.

“It’s the ultimate in anti-social - you are acting against yourselves and your own community, you utter idiots. Setting grass fires are bad enough in normal times, but to do it during a global pandemic when we are meant to be on lock down takes it to another level of recklessness and stupidity.”

She added: “My heart goes out to the fire fighting teams having to deal with this, in high winds as well, when everything else is going on. They really shouldn’t have to.” 

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