Leanne Proposes Radical Law Change to Give Supply Teachers A Better Deal - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Leanne Proposes Radical Law Change to Give Supply Teachers A Better Deal


The Rhondda AM has proposed Wales suggested Wales could pass legislation to outlaw profit in education to avoid the continued exploitation of supply teachers.

During First Minister’s question in the Senedd, Leanne Wood said Wales could follow the lead of countries like Denmark by adopting the law.

Supply teachers in Wales have been campaigning to improve their pay and conditions which have suffered in recent years due to the amount of money that teaching agencies retain from schools.

Private agencies have increased four-fold in Wales in recent years. Some teachers are being paid as little as £85 a day and, as they are self-employed, they receive no paid holiday or pension benefits. It is thought that some of the private teaching agencies are pocketing cuts of up to 30% of the money paid by schools.

During the plenary, Ms Wood said to the First Minister: “You'll be aware of the debate about supply teachers, and some of our most experienced teachers are earning poor wages because of the situation whereby agencies take a large chunk of the pay available to them from schools.

“In Denmark, it's against the law to make a profit out of education, First Minister. Legislation like that here would solve the problem with regard to supply teachers. As a matter of principle, would you be open to such legislation here in Wales?”

In reply, the First Minister said he thought that such legislation went “a step, perhaps, too far.”

He added: “When we see pay and conditions devolved, there will be then the opportunity to look again at whether the current arrangements for supply teaching are adequate.”

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