Secretary of State Guilty of “Smears and Insinuation” - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Secretary of State Guilty of “Smears and Insinuation”


Following the comments made by the Secretary of State in last night’s Question Time programme, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:

“Not only is the Secretary of State for Wales distorting history with smears and insinuation, he is also in denial over the divisive rhetoric coming from numerous voices in his own Tory party.

“Plaid Cymru is an out‎ward-looking and internationalist party. We value the contributions of everyone here, wherever they came from originally. The Party of Wales works towards equality, we seek to end divides and we have a long record of celebrating and diversity. We are more interested in building bridges than building walls.

“Since the EU referendum, we have challenged the Westminster establishment's lurch to the right as well as growing casual racism. We have defended and issued messages of appreciation to all those people who have come to live here from abroad, especially those who contribute so much to our public services. I want to thank them once again today.

“The Secretary of State for Wales is guilty of peddling the exact sort of myths and smears which breed hostility and turn people against each other. Such comments and insinuations are not what you would expect from a government minister. If he had any integrity, he would withdraw what he said.”

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