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Leanne Reacts to Loss of Hospital Services at Royal Glamorgan


Reacting to the news that some midwifery and children’s services will be removed from the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant, Rhondda AM Leanne Wood said: “This is not shock news since this comes as a result of the final decision of the South Wales Programme in 2014.

“Like many who marched against the removal of services from the Royal Glamorgan, I am nonetheless disappointed that the Labour Government’s obsession with centralising services will finally be implemented.

“Many people had grave concerns about travelling further to receive consultant-led care and subsequently felt those concerns were not addressed.

“Over the coming months and years I will be monitoring the situation closely to see how these changes impact upon patients. I also fully expect the promised investment and new services for the Royal Glamorgan to be delivered and I will be watching those developments closely.”  

She added: “It is Plaid Cymru’s view that Wales is understaffed in terms of doctors and nurses so we will be continuing to press for those shortfalls to be addressed.

“Ideally, if we were to get parity with Scotland in terms of doctors per head of population, we could start reintroducing services back to hospitals like the Royal Glamorgan that have lost out as a result of Labour’s centralisation agenda.”

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