Campaign for Cycling and Walking Routes - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Campaign for Cycling and Walking Routes

Leanne has worked with the cycling charity Sustrans to publish a report on improving cycling infrastructure in the Rhondda. A public meeting was also organised which was attended by a mixture of cyclists, walkers and horse riders united in the goal of creating safe, car-free routes.


Leanne said: “As someone who has tried to cycle in and around my home of Penygraig, I know it can be a frustrating and dangerous experience.

“Cycling infrastructure in the Rhondda is lagging behind and I would like to be part of a team effort that brings it up to scratch. We are blessed with world class cycling routes for mountain biking and road biking – it is time we made the most of them by providing the infrastructure needed to make them more accessible.

“It is also about giving people the opportunity to commute by bike by providing a safe route up and down the valleys. This kind of infrastructure has been done in other countries and been done in other parts of Wales so there is no reason why it cannot be replicated in the Rhondda.”

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