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Plaid Cymru is the Change Needed, Says RCT Plaid Cymru Group As They Launch Local Government Manifesto


Plaid Cymru’s local government manifesto for Rhondda Cynon Taf has promised to usher in change after 13 years of “pale and stale” Labour leadership.

The manifesto for the county borough makes a commitment to provide every child with a high quality education, invest locally, buy locally and avoid waste and protect and support our most vulnerable citizens of all ages.

The prospective Plaid Cymru group has also specifically pledged to:

• Not introduce charging for home to school transport including the under 5's and post 16 students

• Cap salaries of senior council staff and reject pay rise for Councillors

• Reject three or four weekly cycle black bag/ bin refuse collection

• Clean up our streets by tackle fly-tipping and dog fouling

• Bring empty houses and shops back into use.

 Improving the local economy is a key component of the manifesto. It promises to drive investment and create employment by prioritising the number of Council contracts won by local businesses, lobby the Welsh Government to expand the business rate relief scheme, ensuring rate relief for more small and medium size businesses and rolling out town centre regeneration scheme to towns that have not previously benefitted from such investment.

Pauline Jarman, the leader of the Plaid Cymru Group in RCT, said it was time for change in the county borough after nearly a decade-and-a-half of Labour rule.

She said: “This is a document which I’m proud to put my name to. It contains a raft of ambitious, but achievable, policies which could transform the county borough for the better over a full council term.

“The Labour rule in RCT can be best characterised by the terms ‘pale’ and ‘stale.’ There has been a distinct lack of ambition and there have been cruel cuts made in our communities. The Plaid Cymru group has for the last five years stood shoulder-to-shoulder with people and communities in fighting against Labour’s cuts. We have also put the Labour group under a huge amount of pressure to justify their actions in the council chamber.

“People are fed up with Labour. They have broken most of the pledges that they were elected on and when they do consult with the public, it is a sham. They do not listen to the public and carry on regardless.

“On May 4th voters have the opportunity to do something about it at the ballot box. I urge people across RCT to vote for the party that will listen, Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales.”

Geraint Davies, the deputy leader of the Plaid Cymru RCT group, said the Rhondda could be a big beneficiary under a Plaid Cymru-led local authority.

“Like many parts of the valleys, the Rhondda is in need of more jobs and better quality jobs,” said Mr Davies. “This manifesto has a particular focus on the economy and many communities could reap the benefits if Plaid Cymru gains control after May 4th. The community that I have represented has been ignored time and time again. I know that we are not alone in this regard.

“We have an opportunity next month to put that right and ensure, in future, that we have a local authority that puts the people first.”

Heledd Fychan, who is standing for Plaid Cymru in the Pontypridd town ward, said the traction the campaign is having in the once solid Labour ward is proof of an appetite for change.

“Plaid Cymru has a positive message to deliver to people in all of our communities,” she said. “This is something that is going down really well during my campaigning. It seems that many people are prepared to grasp the opportunity for change that the vote on May 4th will present to the electorate.

“People have had enough of being taken for granted. They also remember the devastating cuts to nursery education, library provision and day centres that have occurred under Labour’s watch.

“It is time for change and Plaid Cymru is more than ready to step up to the challenge of delivering the transformation our communities need.”

If you would like to help the Party of Wales campaign for change in RCT, please click this link. Thanks.

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