Plaid Cymru Leader Calls for Restoration of Rhondda Paddling Pools - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru Leader Calls for Restoration of Rhondda Paddling Pools


Rhondda AM Leanne Wood has launched a campaign for the paddling pools of the Rhondda to be reopened.

The Plaid Cymru Leader has already gathered hundreds of signatures calling for the return of free water play after the current Labour-run council closed a series of paddling pools a few years ago, including in Leanne’s home town of Penygraig.

"The paddling pool was always a popular attraction in Penygraig," said Ms Wood. "It played a part of my childhood and it was a part of my daughter’s childhood during the summer months. Facilities like this helped to bring the community together and the beauty of it was that it was free entertainment for the kids.

"All parents know how expensive the summer holidays can get so the free paddling pool was great. Since the council closed it, it has been missed by everyone.

"I would hope the council see the benefit in helping the community to bring back such a cherished facility that will deliver many benefits for the health and wellbeing of local people; particularly our youngest."

Ms Wood added: "If the council are not prepared to listen to reason then people are talking about a community-type trust taking on the running of paddling pools. If this is a feasible and safe option of reopening the paddling pool for Penygraig, then I would be prepared to back it.

"If successful, there is no reason why we could not use the same model to get other paddling pools in the county borough reopened this summer."

If you would like to sign the petition, please click this link:


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