Plaid Cymru Lead Campaign to Save Rhondda Bank Branches - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru Lead Campaign to Save Rhondda Bank Branches


Plaid Cymru is gathering support to stop HSBC closing its branches from Treorci and Porth.

Signatures are being collected by the Party of Wales to oppose the multinational bank from withdrawing from the Rhondda completely.  Under their plans, HSBC customers will be left with a journey to Pontypridd just to access counter services.

The Rhondda-based Plaid Cymru Leader, Leanne Wood, has written to the company to say their proposals are unacceptable and a betrayal of the loyalty shown by local customers of HSBC over the years.

Ms Wood said: "It is ironic that HSBC market themselves as ‘the world’s local bank’ when their commitment to communities like Treorci and Porth are questionable to say the least.

"In places like the Rhondda, bank branches are a lifeline to people who come into town especially to do their banking because they don’t have a computer or internet access at home to do online banking.

"These loyal bank customers also spend their money in shops nearby so these closures will inevitably hit the trade of both towns.

"I will be making representations on behalf of constituents in both towns to make it clear that the branch closures are not acceptable.  These communities have already lost too much."

A petition has been organised and Leanne has been on the streets with Plaid Cymru supporters to gather signatures to oppose the branch closures.

Plaid Cymru councillor for the Treorci ward, Cennard Davies (pictured above with Leanne), said many of his constituents were concerned about HSBC withdrawing from the town.

"Treorci is one of the most vibrant towns in the valleys but decisions like this threaten the local economy," said councillor Davies.  "Many of the older HSBC customers I have spoken to are not computer literate so online banking is not an option for them.  Furthermore, a journey to Pontypridd would be difficult because of mobility issues and poor public transport links.  How will HSBC cater for these customers in the future?

"No one supports these closures and Plaid Cymru will be gathering opposition to HSBC in the coming weeks."

Ms Wood has also spoken out about plans to close the Lloyds Bank branch in Porth.

"The proposed closure of the Lloyds branch in Porth is yet more devastating news for the town," said Ms Wood. 

"Speaking to traders over Christmas, I know just how important bank branches are to the vitality of a town centre so to lose two of them is awful news."


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