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Leanne Secures Assurances Over Restoration of Mobile Phone Services in Rhondda


The Rhondda AM has received assurances that work is being undertaken to restore mobile phone services following a fire at a mast in Porth.

Local residents and businesses have had their mobile phone reception affected since the suspected arson attack at the location on a hill above Birchgrove. After being contacted by local residents about the disruption, Leanne raised the matter on the floor of the National Assembly for Wales.

Her office also contacted Nick Speed, the BT Wales Group Director, for news on the response to the fire and disruption to services. He replied with an update from the team working to restore services which said: ‘Following the arson incident on September 13 which left the mast and EE-owned equipment at the site badly damaged, we have been working to restore service and also looking at temporary solutions.

‘The incident has been escalated and we now expect work to be completed on site early next week, either October 1 or 2. We should caution that this is subject to a number of factors, including safety issues, and could be delayed in to the following week.

‘In the meantime, we have been looking at whether a temporary solution can be put in place for the local area. We appreciate that this incident has been inconvenient for constituents. We are happy to consider compensating customers for the lack of current service. Each case is assessed on a case by case basis, and we’d encourage constituents to contact EE customer services to make this request.’

Ms Wood said: “It is good to know that this incident has been escalated. Many local residents and businesses have been without signal for almost a fortnight. This week I raised it on the floor of the Senedd and wrote to the BT Wales Group Director.

“It is disappointing that the disruption is set to last another week as this fire has already caused a great deal of inconvenience.

“I fully understand the need to ensure the safety of engineers tasked with repairing the mast – I only hope that a way is found to restore the signal as soon as possible. Mobile signal is not a luxury. For most people now, online access is essential.

“In the meantime, I urge anyone affected by the disruption to explore the possibility of compensation through EE customer services while they wait for the mobile mast to be repaired.”

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