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Warning - Women May Lose out on Pension

The UK Government’s pension plans threaten to further punish women many of whom have endured a working lifetime of low pay.  The equalisation process is too fast and women nearing retirement age who were born on or after April 6, 1951 will suffer undue hardship as a consequence. These women cannot go back and live their lives again and deserve better treatment from the Government.”



Read an account of my meeting with one Rhondda resident affected below.

I spoke to a 62 year old woman in Tonypandy on Wednesday night, who was running her own business. It was a success, but she told me that she set it up on approach to what she thought was to be her retirement age, only for that age to then be moved.

She had planned to retire at 60 all her working life, since she started work at 15. Just before she got there, the age at which she would get her pension moved to 62. On coming up to 62, the retirement age moved again. She now has to wait until she is a few months short of her 64th birthday before she can retire.

The goal posts keep moving and she will not be surprised if the age goes up again before she gets to that point. Her business is successful, which is fantastic, and I wish her well with it, but many others are not in the same position.

So many women in the Rhondda in this age bracket and younger are affected by the changes to pensionable age. I have urged the UK Govt to phase in the changes over a longer period so that women can plan for their retirement better.

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