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Plaid Cymru Leader Welcomes New Opinion Poll Results


Rhondda AM Leanne Wood has welcomed poll results showing the gap between her party and Labour is narrowing.

The latest YouGov Welsh Barometer opinion poll for ITV Cymru Wales and Cardiff University puts Plaid Cymru up five points at 23% since the last poll taken before the Assembly election.

It has also seen the gap widen between Plaid Cymru and the deeply divided Tory Party who are in a distant third place in terms of popularity in Wales with 18%.

The Rhondda-based Leanne Wood AM said: "The latest poll results are heartening for the Party of Wales.  It consolidates our position as the official opposition to Labour in Wales and underlines the fact that we are the only viable alternative government here.

"It also vindicates our decision to take on the Labour leadership who had taken the people of Wales for granted when they assumed they could act as majority government with a minority of AMs.

"My challenge to the First Minister reminded them of the need to reach out and co-operate.  In the negotiations that followed the vote, Plaid Cymru secured progress on five of our nine key manifesto pledges, including a commitment to return to school for three-years-olds.

"We will continue to use our position to secure more gains for the people of Wales over the course of this Assembly."

Ms Wood added: "The result here in the Rhondda, and our near misses in other previously solid Labour constituencies, shows that Plaid Cymru will be a prime position to end the complacency and sense of entitlement from the party that has dominated Welsh politics for too long."

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