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Statement from Leanne Wood MS and Rhondda Plaid Cymru Councillors on Flooding Reports


"We are disappointed but not surprised at the conclusions of this report. People who were flooded want answers and solutions and this report provides neither. Their voices have not been heard throughout the process so far and the people affected deserve to be heard.

"We never had high hopes of any of the organisations involved to investigate themselves thoroughly and to admit any responsibility or fault. That is why we have called for and will continue to push for an independent inquiry.

"People want some body or organisation to explain to them why their community has suddenly become flood prone and what can be done to mitigate future risk. They want the organisations involved to accept that things could have been done differently in order to have confidence that things will be put right in the future. This report doesn't do that.

"We all understand that climate change means that extreme weather events will become more common in the future. People want to invest in flood protection measures on their properties - like robust flood-doors. If no one takes responsibility, who will pay for this protection? We welcome NRW’s admission that they are under-resourced and that more investment will be needed to upgrade structures, build new flood defences, improve standards and respond robustly to any repeat of the events of February. Their candour in accepting that the standards they rely on may no longer be acceptable is welcome also. We will be asking questions relating to this to the council and for the Labour Environment Minister in this Senedd. An independent inquiry would be able to gauge just how much change is needed.

"In relation to tree removal - we cannot accept that it makes sense to remove huge numbers of water-holding trees and expect no impact? It stands to reason that water that would previously been held by trees flowed off the hillsides and into the rivers, causing flooding to homes in the communities below the hills as well as those flooded down the valley - in Ynyshir, Porth and further down the river.

"The report is also short on outlining any practice changes. We are keen to know more about what could have been done differently regarding tree-felling operations above Pentre, Blaenllechau and elsewhere. Many people will have questions about this.

"Finally, the report fails to give voice to those who were impacted by flooding. An independent inquiry will enable people's voices to be heard. The people affected deserve to be heard."

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