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Wales to become the only UK country with an NHS pay cap


Wales is set to become the only country in the UK with a cap on NHS workers’ pay, following a decision by the British Government to lift the cap in England.

The Scottish Government has already committed to lifting the cap in Scotland but the Labour-run Welsh Government have so far refused to lift the cap in Wales.

30,000 Welsh nurses have seen a real terms cut of 14% in their wages, thanks to the cap on their pay by the Labour Welsh Government.

NHS pay is devolved and page 65 of the Labour Party’s 2017 manifesto for Wales says: “Labour will scrap the NHS pay cap, put pay decisions back into the hands of the independent pay review body and give our NHS workers the pay they deserve.” Despite the manifesto commitment, the Welsh Government has refused to lift the cap.

Commenting, Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood AM, said:

“After years of self-defeating Tory austerity, thousands of NHS workers in England will finally see a lifting of the cap which is the very least that they need and deserve.

“Scottish NHS workers will get a pay rise too thanks to the Scottish Government lifting the cap, but NHS workers in Wales will continue to be underpaid thanks to the Labour-run Welsh Government’s refusal to lift the Welsh cap.

“30,000 Welsh nurses have seen a real terms cut of 14% in their wages thanks to the Labour pay cap in Wales. They promised to lift that cap in their Welsh manifesto but have since repeatedly refused to scrap it. They have yet again duped people in Wales by saying one thing during an election and doing something different afterwards.

“The Welsh government, under the control of Labour, is now the only government in the UK keeping a cap on NHS workers’ pay.

“They must now accept that after making the promise, they should have lifted the cap a long time ago. They should now commit to doing so as soon as possible."

If you agree with Leanne and Plaid Cymru's position on the NHS pay cap, please get involved with the party by clicking this link.


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