The Change We Need - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

The Change We Need



Extract from foreword

'People in Wales face many problems and challenges which cannot be solved by our National Assembly because of its limited powers. Neither can they be solved by Westminster whose concerns of Wales are an afterthought at best. Only we can solve the problems Wales faces.

'It is not good enough for a Welsh First Minister to blame the Tories in Westminster for almost all of Wales’ ills, while at the same time, refusing to push for the powers to tackle those problems in Wales. The under-resourcing of our media ensures a continued lack of understanding as to how devolution works.

'As the political landscape changes alongside our relationship within the UK and Europe, as people in countries like Catalonia and Scotland push for self-government to have more control over the decisions that affect them, it makes sense for people here to consider how we in Wales can be empowered to tackle more of our problems for ourselves.'


Leanne Wood, January 2018


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