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New Job - Closing Date 5pm Tonight!


JOB...JOB...JOB...Closing date 5pm tonight!

Since my election as Leader of Plaid Cymru in 2012, I have not taken the allowance all leaders in the National Assembly are entitled to take. This amounted to more than £80,000 in extra salary that was turned down in four years. I also pledged not to accept the latest £10k Assembly Member's pay rise which came into effect in May 2016. I did this because many of those on the lowest incomes have not seen a pay rise in years and I've been critical of those in good positions getting pay hikes while times are tough for everyone else.

The rules in the assembly have changed since May 2016. I’ve tried to refuse the money, just like I had for four years, but the new rules make this impossible. It now has to be paid to me, whereas previously, the pay rise was deducted at source.
To remain true to my position, I have set up an account for the monthly value of these two pay rises to be kept to one side. This has been done since the new rules and pay increase kicked in. I am now in a position to offer this unique opportunity to gain experience and accreditation by working as a member of the Rhondda Plaid Cymru team. If you've got good knowledge of Rhondda communities, you fulfil the criteria set out and you've yet to have the opportunity to show your full potential, why not send us an application?

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