The Need for Coronavirus Community Network Still Exists - Leanne - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

The Need for Coronavirus Community Network Still Exists - Leanne


Leanne Wood is reminding people living in the Rhondda that a volunteer community network is still running to help people shielding or self-isolating due to coronavirus.

The Member of Senedd for the Rhondda is also thanking all the volunteers that stepped forward to help those that needed it in their communities. In a letter to volunteers she said: ‘It’s now been ten weeks since the lockdown started. You all responded to the call out for ‘street volunteers’ to look after those on their own, those shielding and those self-isolating in your street or in streets nearby.

‘There are other volunteer schemes in place covering lots of areas now but, when we started off, there was very little in place to support people who needed it.  At short notice, people responded to requests for help either by message or by responding to the shout out in your local Facebook group. In the vast majority of instances, those requests for help have been answered in minutes. I have had fantastic feedback from people who have made use of a volunteer or who have just had peace of mind knowing the network is there. We have been able to provide peace of mind when relatives are living far away.’

She added: ‘As the lockdown eases and the shielded group are now being told they can go out, the point of a volunteer network such as this may seem less obvious. However, we know that a fully operational track and trace system will require contacts of those testing positive to self-isolate, plus many people in the shielded group may still be too anxious to venture to shops – after all, the ‘R number’ remains near 1 which means the virus continues to spread, so the need for our volunteer network very much remains.’

If anyone would like to get involved with the Coronavirus Rhondda Community Network please click on the following link to the Facebook page:

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