Act Now to Help Women During Pandemic – Leanne - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Act Now to Help Women During Pandemic – Leanne


The Rhondda MS has called for the Welsh and UK governments to take into account the impact of coronavirus on women.

Leanne Wood MS, who is Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Minister for Justice and Equalities, said a report from Welsh equalities charity Chwarae Teg has shown how the global pandemic has deeply affected women in Wales in 2020.

The report, entitled ‘Covid 19, Women Work and Wales,’ details the various ways in which the virus has made life difficult. It reveals how women have borne the brunt of childcare and home-schooling during the pandemic which has, in turn, affected their earnings and career progression. The report also found that women are more likely to be employed in low-paid jobs or working in sectors which have been shut down by social distancing.

Ms Wood: “While the findings do not make for great reading, I welcome the publication of this report. It details how women have been impacted by coronavirus and makes a number of suggestions for the Tory Government in Westminster and the Labour Government in Wales to implement.

“Coronavirus does not affect everyone equally. We have seen how it can be more damaging and prevalent depending on class, where you live, your income, disability and race. Gender is also a factor and this report shows the extent of that.

“I urge both Governments to look at the findings of this report and adopt policy to ensure that women are not further hampered during Covid-19.”

For more information on the report please click this link.

If you want to help Leanne get elected in next year’s elections for the Senedd, please click this link.

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