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Plaid Cymru Leader Visits Leading Cannabis Vaporiser Company


Leanne Wood has met with the people behind a market leading company which sells a legal cannabis vaporiser worldwide.

The Plaid Cymru Leader visited the headquarters of Medipen in the Pentwyn area of Cardiff to find out about their product which contains CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis.

At the premises just off Eastern Avenue, Leanne learnt more about the trials that Medipen are undertaking to test potential health benefits associated with the product.

The visit follows on from a letter this week to the new Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, about the need to reschedule cannabis under the terms of the Misuse of Drugs Act in order to expand the scope of research into cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Following the visit Leanne said: “It was great to meet the team at Medipen to see the work they are undertaking and to learn more about the potential health benefits of the vaporiser they sell.

“This Welsh company is a global market leader in their field. I heard about the early results of their laboratory research into the wider benefits of the vaporiser they sell. I wish them every success in bringing these tests to fruition and in expanding their business.”

Ms Wood added: “It is frustrating that companies in the UK like Medipen are hampered by the current restrictions around cannabis contained within the Misuse of Drugs Act. A change in the law would enable further research to be undertaken into the medicinal properties of other cannabis properties.

“I also hope that the new Tory Home Secretary will come into office with some compassion and thought for those people with conditions like MS or cancer that are calling for access to cannabis on medical grounds. This could be a fantastic first act for him

“The terms of the debate have now changed and there is a groundswell of opinion about the medicinal benefits of cannabis for some people. It is high time that the Westminster Government wake up to this and do the right thing for the thousands of people crying out for pain relief without resorting to heavy duty medication.

“The campaign to devolve the criminal justice system to Wales deserves support so that we can take these decisions ourselves and help people for whom this drug is providing great relief.”     

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