Leanne Urges Labour Government in Wales to end “Publicly Funded Poverty Pay” at Cardiff Airport


The Rhondda AM has called upon the Labour First Minister to finally bring in a Living Wage for staff at one of its prize assets.

Ms Wood said some employees at Cardiff Airport are still paid less than the Living Wage five years after it was bought by the Labour Government in Wales. In recent weeks the Plaid Cymru Leader has received correspondence from constituents unhappy at what they have called ‘publicly funded poverty pay’ at the airport.    

In November of last year the GMB trade union struck a deal with Cardiff Airport that would see them ‘working towards being in a position to implement the Foundation Living Wage by the end of 2020.’

Some workers have called for improved pay to be introduced ahead of that timescale.

During plenary Ms Wood to the Labour First Minister: “Workers at Cardiff Airport would appreciate deeds rather than warm words.

“You bought this airport in 2013 yet we still have workers – some of whom are from the Rhondda - paid less than the living wage. An agreement with the GMB will see, the airport - and I quote - ‘working towards being in a position to implement the Foundation Living Wage by the end of 2020.’

“If that does happen then it will be a full seven years of workers on what has been called ‘publicly funded poverty pay.’ Many of these employees are security staff performing vital functions keeping the airport secure and passengers safe.

“Also what pressure can you exert to ensure that your asset becomes a Living Wage Foundation accredited employer by the next Living Wage Week in November?”

In reply the First Minister said the airport is committed to introducing the real living wage in two increments over the next two years.

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