Local Election Results Provide Solid Foundation for More Plaid Cymru Success, Says Leanne


Rhondda AM Leanne Wood has hailed Plaid Cymru’s performance in the council elections as a great springboard for the forthcoming snap UK election.

Plaid Cymru emerged as the biggest party in the Rhondda in terms of seats won and votes polled.

Penygraig-based Leanne said the 14 seats and more than 17,000 votes won by Plaid Cymru show that the party’s General Election candidate, Branwen Cennard, is more than capable of making history and winning on June 8th.

“I am delighted that Plaid Cymru is now the biggest party in the Rhondda,” said Leanne.
“It is testament to the hard work put in by all candidates during this long and positive campaign.

“This puts us in a strong position for the UK election next month. We have an excellent candidate in Branwen Cennard who was brought up in the Rhondda and continues to live in Treorci.

“She understands the communities of the Rhondda Fach and Fawr and knows very well what we need delivered on a Westminster level.

“If elected, she would make history by being the first woman MP and the first non-Labour MP to represent the Rhondda in a century.

“Above all, Branwen Cennard would ensure that the Rhondda has an MP who will champion its cause. Always.”

If you would like to help Plaid Cymru's election campaign, please click this link. Thanks.

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