‘Send A Message To Westminster and Cardiff Bay – Vote Plaid Cymru’ - Leanne Wood - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

‘Send A Message To Westminster and Cardiff Bay – Vote Plaid Cymru’ - Leanne Wood


Leanne Wood has said that a vote for Plaid Cymru in the forthcoming local elections is a “vote for your community.”

The Party of Wales Leader spoke during the launch of Plaid Cymru's local election campaign at the Rhondda Heritage Park hotel.

During a speech in front of a gathering of party activists and supporters, the Rhondda AM said that only Plaid Cymru can cut through the popular perception that all political parties are the same.

She cited the differences Plaid Cymru-controlled councils had made in places such as Ceredigion, Conwy, Carmarthenshire and Gwynedd over the last five years.

“Today I want to take on one of the myths about Welsh politics,” Ms Wood said.

“Some people say – ‘You’re all the same.’

“Because Wales has been failed by both the Labour Government in Cardiff, and the Conservative Government in Westminster, people in many parts of the country are losing hope.

“But politicians are not all the same. Plaid Cymru is not the same. Plaid Cymru is your local party. We are on the side of the people, not the political and bureaucratic elite.

“There are four local councils led by Plaid Cymru. In those councils, senior management pay is on average 22% lower than in the councils led by the Labour party.

“This difference represents hundreds of thousands of pounds which Plaid Cymru puts back into communities and back into local services. Here in the Rhondda, it is Plaid Cymru councillors who donate part of their allowances to local charities and local causes.

“And as Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, I am the only party Leader to have used part of my personal salary to employ a local apprentice.

“So, no, we’re not all the same. Plaid Cymru is the people’s party not just in words, but in actions.”

She added: “We’re not just a protest party, but a party which cares about Welsh communities and makes them more successful.

“And where we are elected on May 4th, we will work to strengthen our communities. To secure local jobs and create apprenticeships. To clean up the local environment. To build housing for local people and protect our Welsh culture and language. And to clamp down on out of control senior pay.

“This election on May 4th is about sending a message. This is a chance to let Labour in Cardiff Bay and the Tories in Westminster know that you will no longer stand idly by as your communities are ignored and your local services are downgraded or sold off.

“You can rely on Plaid Cymru to fight on behalf of your local area against the same parties who have failed us time and time again. Don’t reward the other parties for failure.

“Be positive for your community by backing Plaid Cymru. A vote for Plaid Cymru is a vote for your community, and a vote for your country.”

If you want to support the Party of Wales in the council election campaign, please click this link. 

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