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Plaid Cymru Leader Unveils New Campaign Tool


Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has launched a new website to help her spread the word about her party’s positive message to improve Wales.

The Rhondda-based Assembly Member said the website will not only be used to broadcast information about Plaid Cymru policies and how they will apply to the Rhonda but will also be used to get the views of people in the constituency.

Ms Wood, who lives in Penygraig, said the website will be an important tool in ushering in a new politics in the Rhondda and delivering the changes needed to improve peop0le’s lives.

“This new website is an exciting development for the Plaid Cymru campaign to win in the Rhondda,” said Ms Wood.

“It will be used to let people know how the campaign is going, to inform people about the visits that I will be making and the policies which are offering to improve people’s lives.

“It will also be used to help people to get behind specific campaigns such as opposing Labour’s hospital centralisation programme which has put the Royal Glamorgan, its patients and staff, at a significant disadvantage.

“I want to hear what people in the Rhondda have to say about the issues that affect their everyday life and this website is one means by which I can listen to those opinions.”

Ms Wood added: “We have spoken to thousands of people already as part of this Assembly campaign and it is clear that people in Rhondda are disillusioned with Labour and want change.

“The Party of Wales is working around the clock to come up with credible policies that have the potential to deliver real benefits to people’s health, education and job situation.

“This website will show what we can achieve with a different government in Wales. It will also show people what is possible if we come together and vote for change on May 5th this year.

“There is nothing inevitable about the future of the Rhondda. I strongly believe that we can be a success. This is not as good as it gets.”

If you can back Leanne's bid to be the next Assembly Member for the Rhondda, please click this link.

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