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Sixth Form Students Quiz Leanne At Her Former School


Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood marked 100 days to the Assembly elections with a visit to her old secondary school.

Ms Wood went to Tonypandy Community College – just round the corner from her home in Penygraig – to take part in a question and answer session with sixth form students.  Questions varied from what Plaid Cymru will do for youngsters if elected to government to the worth of using your vote during elections.

Ms Wood also met with the head teacher of the school, Helen O’Sullivan, during the visit.

Afterwards, Ms Wood praised the students taking part for their interest in politics and the breadth of questions.

"It’s good to go back to my old school and see that today’s pupils are engaged, intelligent and informed about politics.  I hope they continue with this interest and make their voices heard politically at every opportunity. Using their power in that way is the only way that those in government will take notice of them and their concerns.

"That is the most important message I hope they will take from the session."

Ms Wood added: "It is a shame that the sixth form in Tonypandy will have gone from the school in two years’ time under the council’s controversial reorganisation plans.

"Pupils at Tonypandy Community College will be forced to go elsewhere to continue their A-level studies.  I share their teachers’ concerns that a forced change of environment will put many pupils off from doing A-levels and prevent them from reaching their full potential."

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