Empower Wales to protect economy and communities from Brexit' - Leanne


Plaid Cymru Leader, Leanne Wood, has today made the case for the empowerment of the National Assembly with major fiscal levers in order to protect Welsh communities and the economy from the impact of Brexit.

Ms Wood noted that the Wales Bill is set to return to the Commons in September and that this presented an opportunity to review the current devolution settlement and push for a more robust model to give Wales greater control over its own affairs.

She challenged other party leaders in the Assembly to urge their Westminster colleagues to support this case and to prove that they are serious about making a success story of Brexit.

Party of Wales Leader Leanne Wood said:

"The UK's vote to leave the European Union presents many challenges for Wales - but we must also not overlook the opportunities.
"With months of uncertainty facing our economy, the case for Wales to gain greater control over its own affairs when it comes to job-creating powers grows stronger.

"The Wales Bill is set to return to the Commons in September - the final opportunity for MPs to amend this legislation so that the National Assembly is empowered with the tools necessary to protect our economy and communities from whatever lies ahead.

"Wales's current settlement is not fit for purpose. Too many decisions which affect our day to day lives lie in the hands of a UK government which is either ignorant of or indifferent to our nation's needs.

"I urge all party leaders in Wales to put pressure on their Westminster colleagues to ensure that the Wales Bill does not became a wasted opportunity.

"Past form tells us that the fate of the Welsh economy will be very far down Theresa May and her ministers in Whitehall's list of priorities.

"Only when our national institution is equipped with meaningful powers over areas such as the economy, natural resources, policing and justice will we be able to implement 'made in Wales' policies designed to ensure that our country is the fair and prosperous place we know it can be."

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