Save Elderly Care in the Rhondda / Achubwch Gofal i'r Henoed yn y Rhondda



Care for the elderly is under threat. Please sign the petition // Mae gofal i'r henoed dan fygythiad. Arwyddwch y ddeiseb 

We, the undersigned call on Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council to halt their proposals to reduce the number of Council-run Residential Care Homes and Day Centres.  The Council's plan to "modernise" care for the elderly by transferring it to the private sector is unacceptable and is out of accord with the principle of a publicly funded Health and Social Care Service.

We further call on the Welsh Government to implement a Wales wide care strategy for the elderly to ensure that the standard of care is not determined by where you happen to live. 

Rydym ni sydd wedi arwyddo isod yn galw ar Gyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Rhondda Cynon Taf i roi’r gorau i’r bwriad o leihau’r nifer o Gartrefi Gofal a Chanolfannau Dydd. Mae cynllun y cyngor i ‘foderneiddio’ gofal i’r henoed trwy ei drosglwyddo i’r sector breifat yn annerbyniol ac yn groes i’r egwyddor o wasanaeth iechyd a gofal wedi ei ariannu’n gyhoeddus.

Rydym bellach yn galw ar Lywodraeth Cymru i gyflwyno strategaeth Genedlaethol o ofal i’r henoed i sicrhau nad mater o lwc eich lleoliad sy’n penderfynu safon y gofal. 

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    The elderly in these homes are vulnerable adults. They must be protected
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    Sign the petition: Save Elderly Care in the Rhondda / Achubwch Gofal i'r Henoed yn y Rhondda

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