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Elderly care Provision Under Threat


Elderly Care Under Threat

Leanne is opposing the controversial plans to change elderly care in RCT.

Labour run RCT County Borough Council’s reviews of the residential and day care services are dressed up as ‘modernisation’ but are really “an exercise in outsourcing services to the private sector.”

In the Rhondda, the residential care provided at care homes in Pentre, Treorci, Gelli, Trealaw, Porth and Ferndale are all “under review”. There is also a separate ‘review’ of day services provided at Ferndale and Gelli

To cut through the jargon, being ‘under review’ means they are under threat. All provision in the Rhondda is under threat.

This really is more of an exercise in outsourcing services to the private sector. Plaid Cymru is opposed to a reduction of services provided to older people, especially when it is being done in this manner i.e. privatisation.

Typically, the two council consultations try to steer respondents in a particular direction. I’m sure people will remember that we’ve been here before with RCT consultations such as with their plans to reduce nursery school provision.

We are encouraging people to take part in the consultation to make their feelings known, but to counter their leading questions, we would urge everyone taking part to submit their own letter to the consultation process. You can do this by emailing [email protected]

There will also be a drop-in event at the Rhondda Sports Centre in Ystrad on 13th March between 2pm and 8pm. A large presence there would go some way to making this Labour cabinet rethink their plans. Please join us.

We want the council to halt plans to privatise care for the elderly. If you agree with Leanne, please click this link and sign the petition.

If you want to get involved with Plaid Cymru’s campaign then click here

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