Plaid Cymru Leader Vows to Create Economic Powerhouse in Valleys - Leanne Wood - Rhondda Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru Leader Vows to Create Economic Powerhouse in Valleys


The Party of Wales has unveiled a series of ambitious proposals that aim to create employment and wealth in places like the valleys.

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood said her party’s three new policies have the potential to turn places like the Rhondda – her home - into an economic powerhouse.

The Assembly Member from Penygraig said a Welsh Government led by Plaid Cymru would:

• Increase inward investment and promote exports from Wales through the creation of a new arms-length trade and investment promotion agency for Wales - a WDA for the 21st century.

• Embark upon the biggest infrastructure investment programme Wales has seen since devolution, led by a newly-established National Infrastructure Commission Wales (NICW).

• Help small businesses to grow by slashing business rates and providing much needed access to finance through the establishment of the Bank of Wales.

Ms Wood said: “For too long, Wales has been at the bottom of the UK league tables when it comes to employment and prosperity levels. Many communities – particularly in the valleys – have been neglected and opportunities have not been utilised. That has created a situation whereby many people have to leave the valleys to find employment.

“That situation is not acceptable to me or the Party of Wales.”

She added: “We want to reverse the years of managed decline and make the next decade one of economic growth for Wales. This package of measure has the necessary ambition, creativity and boldness to turn the corner economically.

“Given the chance, we will implement these measures in full and make the economy the priority for the next Welsh Government.”

If you share Leanne's vision for the valleys, please help her get elected this May by clicking this link. Thanks.

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