Statement on Department of Work & Pensions’ Jobs Announcement for Wales


Rhondda AM Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:

“I’m more than pleased that the joint PCS / community campaign to keep DWP jobs in the Rhondda has been a success, and that staff from the Porth office will be relocated to Tonypandy instead of being forced to travel to Caerffili. 

"The Rhondda could not afford to lose these jobs - our local economy would have taken a hard blow it cannot afford. Today’s decision is in line with the wishes of the loyal workforce who have been providing an exemplary service for their employers and for the people they serve.

“However across Wales, the picture isn't as positive. In Llanelli, Mountain Ash, Tredegar and Pyle the local DWP offices are to be shut with hundreds of jobs lost to those local communities.

"This is a decision driven by the Tory government’s austerity agenda and not by the needs of our communities and our people, and is another example of why Plaid Cymru wants to see powers over Job Centres devolved to Wales so that we can protect these services from the Conservative government.”

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