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Statement on Pontypridd Driving Test Centre


A number of people – including driving instructors – have raised their concerns about the relocation of the DVSA test centre in Pontypridd. I share those concerns. 

As someone who knows Pontypridd well, I recognise the value of keeping the DVSA test centre in this area. In a letter to Gareth Llewellyn, the chief executive of the DVSA, I explained that the suspected new location of Llantrisant would disadvantage driving instructors – and their pupils – from the Rhondda.

I wrote: ‘Driving instructors have told me that the heavy traffic on the roads between the Rhondda and Llantrisant – the site of the proposed relocation – would mean that driving back and fore in a two hour lesson would not be feasible.’

I also wrote that Pontypridd as a location was unrivalled, adding: ‘It offers large roundabouts, a one-way system and easy access to a busy dual carriageway in the form of the A470……as a location for providing a broad range of driving scenarios, Llantrisant simply cannot compete.

‘I worry about the implications of sending new drivers onto our roads without the wide driving experience they can acquire in Pontypridd.’

In response, I received the letter below from Mr Llewellyn. I will keep people informed of any further updates.




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