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Leanne Wood: Westminster System is Penalising Wales


Leanne Wood has responded to an urgent debate called by the Welsh Government on the DUP deal.

Speaking in the Assembly chamber, the Plaid Cymru Leader said:

“People in Wales shouldn’t just be frustrated at this deal, they should be angry.

“Wales has always been third in the queue behind Northern Ireland and Scotland for powers and funding.

“This country has kicked up the least fuss.

“We’ve been the quietest and most well-behaved of the UK countries.

“And that has led to us being left behind.”

She called for Welsh party leaders to accept that the UK was not working for Wales, and to consider how the country could ‘be moved up the pecking order’, adding:

“We must be honest amongst all parties in this chamber- the United Kingdom is not working for us.

“The first step is to admit that the UK, the Westminster system, is not delivering for Wales.

“That it is penalising Wales.

“Once we admit that, we should look seriously at the next steps for Wales, and use all of the influence we have as political parties to ensure that Wales moves up the pecking order.”

If you agree with Leanne and Plaid Cymru, please click this link and get involved. Thanks.

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