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I am signing this petition as I would like to call on Crown Carveries to change the name of the ‘Lord Tonypandy’ pub.


The Aberfan disaster killed 116 children and 28 adults, and a series of recently aired Aberfan 50th anniversary programmes has clearly shown the scandalous part Lord Tonypandy played, in his role as Secretary of State for Wales, in using the disaster appeal fund money to clean up the Aberfan tips. This was an unforgivable and cruel act against the people and community of Aberfan. 

Fifty years may have passed but feelings still run strong.  I no longer want the Rhondda to be associated with the name of Lord Tonypandy. 

Tell us what YOU think the pub should be called. Use the comments box below, and we'll run a vote to find the most popular. 

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  • peter jones
    signed 2016-10-26 19:40:46 +0100
    Any name other than that creep.
  • joshua tobin
    signed 2016-10-26 19:39:12 +0100
  • Derek Davies
    signed 2016-10-26 19:34:57 +0100
  • Adam kastein
    signed 2016-10-26 19:33:58 +0100
    Dai Watts-Morgan should be a mentioned for thought. A hero in many aspects. Once a minor turned political activist for minors then playing the largest part in recruiting Lord Kitchener’s Rhondda Valley Pals Battalion and leading from the front in the years to come winning many awards and achieving Lt Col. After his retirement he never stopped fighting the the people. A legend lost in time. Please consider this option. Very fitting for his actions for minors and also during the 100 year anniversary of WW1.
  • Valerie Thomas
    signed 2016-10-26 19:33:19 +0100
  • Pam Humphreys
    signed 2016-10-26 19:33:14 +0100
  • Carol Evans
    signed 2016-10-26 19:31:15 +0100
  • beverley williams
    signed 2016-10-26 19:22:49 +0100
  • Mike Hayes
    signed 2016-10-26 19:21:13 +0100
  • Martin Hembrow
    signed via 2016-10-26 19:17:50 +0100
  • Paul Jones
    signed 2016-10-26 19:11:18 +0100
    He let the people of Abervan and Wales down showed a total lack of compassion for his country and the people of Abervan
  • Clive Rowe
    signed 2016-10-26 19:07:50 +0100
    Dreadfully inappropriate name,should be changed immediately.
  • Jackie Baker
    signed 2016-10-26 19:07:35 +0100
  • Andrew Parfitt
    signed 2016-10-26 19:05:34 +0100
    Andrew ap Parfitt
  • Gail Paul
    signed 2016-10-26 18:57:52 +0100
    Maybe call it,the mill,the meadow, Pandy mill………
  • Lesley Sutton
    signed 2016-10-26 18:57:43 +0100
    I think they should have some respect for the family’s and the village for the disaster that hit it. Even now all these years on people are still moaning the loss of there children or the adults lost on that tragic day
  • Gethin Rhys
    signed 2016-10-26 18:56:29 +0100
  • Ann Wanklyn
    signed 2016-10-26 18:56:00 +0100
  • Ruth Warren
    signed 2016-10-26 18:54:06 +0100
  • John Griffiths
    signed 2016-10-26 18:48:08 +0100
  • Gareth Griffiths
    signed 2016-10-26 18:42:38 +0100
  • Andrew Thomas
    signed 2016-10-26 18:42:23 +0100
  • Nigel Jenkins
    signed 2016-10-26 18:37:50 +0100
  • David Wyn Morgan
    signed 2016-10-26 18:35:33 +0100
    I have always refused to enter that establishment because if it’s connection with George Thomas. Well done Leanne!
  • Lynne Parfitt
    signed 2016-10-26 18:33:26 +0100
  • Brian Neale
    signed 2016-10-26 18:31:33 +0100
    The Waun. it is or was a clear water stream where one could catch trout when i was young and living in Gelli in the Rhondda
  • Alun Cox
    signed 2016-10-26 18:30:55 +0100
  • Lorna Parke
    signed 2016-10-26 18:30:34 +0100
    Please please change the name to ease the suffering of Aberfan
  • Helen West
    signed 2016-10-26 18:29:47 +0100
  • Phil Lovell
    signed 2016-10-26 18:27:56 +0100
    What about Pant Glas? (the name of the children’s school in Aberfan)

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