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I am signing this petition as I would like to call on Crown Carveries to change the name of the ‘Lord Tonypandy’ pub.


The Aberfan disaster killed 116 children and 28 adults, and a series of recently aired Aberfan 50th anniversary programmes has clearly shown the scandalous part Lord Tonypandy played, in his role as Secretary of State for Wales, in using the disaster appeal fund money to clean up the Aberfan tips. This was an unforgivable and cruel act against the people and community of Aberfan. 

Fifty years may have passed but feelings still run strong.  I no longer want the Rhondda to be associated with the name of Lord Tonypandy. 

Tell us what YOU think the pub should be called. Use the comments box below, and we'll run a vote to find the most popular. 

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  • Michael Goode
    signed 2016-10-26 22:08:42 +0100
  • Rhiannon Davies
    signed 2016-10-26 22:06:59 +0100
  • Gordon Milsom
    signed 2016-10-26 22:00:18 +0100
    Name it The Farr Away Inn.
  • Raymond Oglesby
    signed 2016-10-26 21:59:32 +0100
  • Andrea Hughes
    signed 2016-10-26 21:45:31 +0100
  • Adrian Owen
    signed 2016-10-26 21:45:12 +0100
    The man is dispicable
  • Ian Hughes
    signed via 2016-10-26 21:41:04 +0100
    I would call the pub the innocent martyrs. One Hundred and forty four Innocent and unknowing Martyrs to the greed and corruption of the despicable “Lord Tonypandy” the terrible “Lord Robens”, the incompetence and facile stupidity of the NCB and its local officials, the faceless heartless people serving on the charities commission at the time. Martyrs to the “labour government” of Wilson, who turned its back on the people of the village. Last but not least the war criminal Blair who gave the appeal fund its stolen money back but without interest or compensation for the denial of its use by the fund for al the years it was away. All of them men without honour. I could go on but I am sure you get the message.
  • David Rees
    signed 2016-10-26 21:30:38 +0100
    Time to recognise the cringing ineptitude of the odious ex House of Commons speaker. Wonder what " mam" thought of him. Change your venue name for heavens sake.
  • Tony Matthews
    signed 2016-10-26 21:29:35 +0100
    George Thomas was someone who i respected until his role in the Aberfan disaster was aired on TV . It’s a shame he’s not still alive to realise the people’s wrath in the role he played as Secretary of State for Wales at the time. Labour didn’t give a damn for the people of Wales
  • Judith Mulry
    signed 2016-10-26 21:15:16 +0100
  • David Edwards
    signed 2016-10-26 21:12:19 +0100
    Change the name for all the ppl that lost there lives
  • Michael Hughes
    signed via 2016-10-26 21:10:47 +0100
    I would like the pub to change it’s name to, THE TONYPANDY
  • Ron John
    signed 2016-10-26 21:07:54 +0100
    Tommy’s Tavern would be appropriate.
  • Angharad Edwards
    signed 2016-10-26 21:05:10 +0100
    Angharad Edwards
  • Rob Evans
    signed 2016-10-26 21:02:22 +0100
    As a supposed ’son of the valleys ’ his treatment of the people of Aberfan was utterly disgraceful and should not be honoured in any way
  • Gary Lewis
    signed 2016-10-26 20:54:52 +0100
    The suggestion of Pantglas is excellent.
  • Amanda Thomas
    signed 2016-10-26 20:54:17 +0100
  • Enma Smith
    signed 2016-10-26 20:50:47 +0100
  • Helen Goode
    signed via 2016-10-26 20:50:01 +0100
  • Lynne Newton
    signed 2016-10-26 20:47:25 +0100
  • Philip Davies
    signed 2016-10-26 20:35:06 +0100
    The Rhondda Collier
  • Phil Pearn
    signed 2016-10-26 20:22:40 +0100
    George Thomas is and was a disgrace to Wales,punishing comments,not plaudits is how we should remember this scumbag.
  • Edward Evans
    signed 2016-10-26 20:15:03 +0100
  • paul daley
    signed via 2016-10-26 20:12:59 +0100
  • Gerald Mahoney
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-10-26 20:01:51 +0100
    Sign the petition: Crown Carveries
  • Gerald Mahoney
    signed 2016-10-26 20:01:11 +0100
  • Cedwyn Aled
    signed 2016-10-26 19:58:38 +0100
    Just an awful man.
  • philip lacey
    signed 2016-10-26 19:55:24 +0100
    Why not re-name it Pantglas in memory of all the children lost that day
  • Kevin Eynon
    signed 2016-10-26 19:52:03 +0100
    Change this name, it an affront to the victims of Aberfan
  • Angela King
    signed 2016-10-26 19:48:57 +0100

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