“We all have a much better chance of pulling through this as a strongly united set of communities” – Leanne


Reacting to the news that coronavirus virus transmission rates continue to rise in RCT and that the lower Rhondda is a particular hotspot, Rhondda MS Leanne Wood said: “I’m concerned that the Rhondda and the rest of RCT is on the verge of going into lockdown. If we are placed under restrictions again this will have big implications for our health, well-being and the local economy. It is also a worrying sign that transmission rates continue to rise.

“I know people are getting fed up being in this situation and just want to return to how thing were but it is vital that we stick to the guidance issued by Public Health Wales if we are to keep safe and ensure our loved ones keep safe.

“There is still a need to maintain good hand hygiene, stick to social distancing, adhere to rules on family bubbles and to self-isolate and seek a test if you have symptoms of coronavirus. If you have been contacted by the track and trace team, it is vital you listen to any advice they give you and tell them where you have been and who you have been in contact with.

“Many of us have made a lot of sacrifices in the name of containing coronavirus cases in our communities. It is important that we do not lose sight of the need to protect ourselves and others as the virus is still out there and still dangerous. Diolch.”

Leanne added: “My concern is that the spread has already happened, and that because governments failed to use the little window of opportunity they had to perfect the test and trace system, they will not be able to limit a second wave. I very much hope that this concern is wrong and misplaced and that if we all keep to the distancing and hand washing and mask-wearing in closed spaces rules more strictly than ever over the coming weeks, we can prevent the worst case scenario.

“What I understand after years of being active in frontline politics though is that we all have a much better chance of pulling through this as a strongly united set of communities that we do if people are falling out and playing individual blame games.

“Let’s all dig deep for our compassion and community spirit if we do face further tough times ahead. It’s worth remembering that we may all be grateful for that kindness, compassion and community ourselves at some point in the future.”

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