Plaid Cymru Negotiations End Postcode Lottery In Wales for Cancer Drugs


Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood has welcomed the news that a new medicine and treatment fund is set to be provided in Wales by the end of the year.

The policy was a key part of the Plaid Cymru manifesto and was one of the main concessions the party won during their recent negotiations with Labour politicians.

The Rhondda AM said the fund was long overdue as it will eliminate the postcode lottery around drugs and treatment that has existed in Wales under a Labour-run health service.

Ms Wood said: “The previous system was unfair. Access to new drugs and treatment should be equal across the Wales; your access to them should not be defined by where you live.

“The postcode lottery was an issue that had been raised with me time and time again; not least in the Rhondda during the Assembly election campaign.

“Plaid Cymru put this policy high up on the agenda during our budget negotiations with Labour because it has the potential to change many people’s lives.”

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