Statement on Council U-turn on Home-to-School Bus Charges


The Rhondda-based Leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood, said: “This is welcome news for parents, pupils and educational choice across Rhondda Cynon Taf.

“Parents mounted an excellent campaign to oppose the charges and I was happy to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them and the Plaid Cymru group on RCT council against the Labour local authority.

“The Labour cabinet realised, albeit very late-in-the-day, just how toxic their policy to charge some families more than £500 to allow their children to attend their school of choice. I welcome the council changing their position but I would urge campaigners to be vigilant for the re-introduction of the charges following this May’s Assembly elections.

“For now, I would like to pay tribute to all involved in taking on this Labour local authority. This represents a real victory for people power.”

If you want to support Leanne's campaign to win in the Rhondda, please click this link.

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