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Universal Credit

Leanne helps those suffering because of Universal Credit


The Tory Government’s cuts to social security have caused a lot of hardship in the Rhondda. More and more people are living in poverty and having to reply on food banks for the essentials in life. That is unacceptable. With the roll-out of Universal Credit in the Rhondda, things are predicted to get worse, not better, for people relying on benefits.

When other political parties - like Labour - were supporting the Tories austerity plans in Parliament, Plaid Cymru always maintained our opposition to the cuts, because we know they always affect those with the least. We will always be here to stand with the people so if you have any issues relating to benefits sanctions or reduced payments, please get in touch with us. We will work with other organisations and do our best to rectify any poor decisions or errors regarding benefit payments.

Please call the office on 01443 681420 or email me on [email protected]

Leanne’s Benefits Surgeries

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