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Improve Cycling Facilities

Leanne to Redouble Efforts to Improve Cycling Facilities in the Rhondda


Leanne Wood has pledged to continue the fight for new cycle paths for the Rhondda in the New Year.

The Rhondda has a world class natural landscape but we are currently let down by a second class cycle network. Cycle lanes are, at best patchy, and non-existent in many parts of the constituency. In order to make our beautiful valleys more attractive to cycling tourists and make it easier and safer for local residents to travel on their bikes, I am campaigning for improved infrastructure. When compared to neighbouring valleys, cycling infrastructure in the Rhondda is limited. We want to rectify this by providing a comprehensive cycle route that allows safe and attractive routes from the north of the Fawr, linking up with the Rhondda Tunnel, right down to the foot of the Rhondda in Trehafod where we have the enormous potential of the Barry Sidings facility. There is also a need to improve the network in the Fach. 

To achieve this, a network of organisations and individuals have come together to unite behind the shared goal of making the Rhondda a more attractive place for cyclists. This applies whether people are interested in the steep road climbs of our mountains, mountain biking on our rugged landscape or a pleasure cyclist. 

We will be holding local events in the near future and we want interested people to get involved. Please keep an eye out for further developments on my social media platforms or on this website. If you would like to get involved in the campaign to bring this vision to fruition, please email me on [email protected] – your help would be appreciated.


“Cycling provision could be so much better in the Rhondda,” said Leanne. “When you look at the network in other parts of Wales we are a long way behind. Improving cycling infrastructure is key if we are to tackle obesity, reduce pollution and even encourage more visitors to the area.

“A good cycle path up the Fawr is also key if the Rhondda Tunnel, once opened, is to achieve its full potential as a well-used route for local people and as a draw for cycling tourists.   

“With so many people and groups coming together to improve cycling – and money in the budget to facilitate such improvements – I will be banging the drum loudly for better provision for the Rhondda and cyclists. Watch this space!”

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